RELATIONSHIP TIPS:How To Make Your Girlfriend Like You Again If She Is Loosing Interest

In this post I’m going to show you how to rekindle the interest of a girl who, liked you before, but is loosing
interest in you now.What I will be showing you is plain simple psychology and can work on both a guy and a girl.
That is, if a girl who you are loosing interest in uses this on you – it would work too (And vice versa).
Now. Let’s be clear about this. The secrets I am about to show you will not work on a girl if she NEVER liked you
before What do I mean?
I will make it clearer.
…the girl in question had shown you interest in the past. That is when you two started dating
– She had been calling you
– Telling you how much she misses you
– Telling you how much she loves you
Etc etc
But now she doesn’t do any of that again.
IF YOU HAD BEEN MALTREATING HER, Then maybe that is the problem. Never maltreat a woman, it’s wrong…
BUT If after you two started dating, you had been caring to her.
– You had told her how much you loved her.
– You’ve always called her up to ask of her well being.
– You had always spent on her, and have been a reliable shoulder for her.
AND STILL SHE LOST INTEREST IN YOU, then this strategy is for you….but before I show you the strategy, let me first tell you why she lost interest in you.
It’s not because she is a bad person, don’t blame the poor girl. The fault is entirely yours. The reason she lost interest in you is because:
You became too predictable and too boring. Check am out na….
If person dey always call you everyday to ask you about your day.
Always keep saying that they love you everyday Always keep telling you that they love you. always doing the same type of hanging out, always always doing the same thing over and over again – why she no go lose interest. Even if na you sef.
It’s like watching one movie over and over again.
When it comes to relationships a girl expects you to lead the way, but when the way you always lead is the boring
path, she will dump you and move over to the next interesting dude.
In my next post – I will explain how to make your relationship exciting so a girl would always thank her stars
she is dating you. But for now:
This strategy follows 3 steps. To use it, you have to follow the steps the way I will list them here. Ok?
Let’s begin…
Get A Bait For Her.
To do this, what you have to do is to find ANOTHER GIRL you will be using to get YOUR GIRLFRIEND jealous You don’t have to be close to this girl, all you need is to be on a talking terms with her. She might be an acquittance, a colleague, a classmate or just a friend.
But here is the thing no matter what let that girl be more good looking that your girlfriend.
if their level of looks is equal, then she should have more dress sense than your babe.

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