RALATIONSHIP TIPS:6 reasons why good girls carry last


Every girl I’ve met in the 4 years since graduation seems to be complaining about the same thing, how they aren’t any closer to getting a boyfriend. It’s February, and as usual every girl who has no bae or hope of getting gifts is self-examining – ‘How did I get here…What did I do wrong…Am I unattractive’ etc.

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At least, that’s what I and my close friends have been doing since all the Val ads started popping up, and guess what just occurred to us, every runs girl we knew in school has gotten married. By the way, ‘runs girl’ is too mild a term for what these girls did back in school. I’m talking about the baddest bitches ever.
On the other hand, while girls like me aren’t perfect, we are still the ‘good’ girls. The type that will date a guy because of his character and prospects, not his money. We are the type that will travel to go spend a weekend at our own expense, do homely things, all with the thought that we are investing in our joint future. We do not get angry when a guy doesn’t buy us a birthday present, or Vals gift, or buy us anything period!
We are content just to support him until he achieve his prospects. Well that’s bullshit, cos look at us now, still single and unmarried.
So we’re adopting the approach of the runs girls, and to do that, here are 6 reasons why they shine and we suck.
  • They know where to find quality men
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Haven’t you ever wondered where all the quality men are, cos you can go for a year and not meet any make any ‘make sense’ men. Looks like these girls know where to find them, and that’s why they’re scoring.
  • They know how to position themselves
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These girls don’t play around. They dress the part, and make sure that they are positioned at strategic places where they can easily meet men that fall in their target group; The rich kind only.
  • They know what men want
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This much is obvious, how else would they keep their men happy and generous if they do not know hat men want. It’s their live’s work, they know how men coming back for more. And for all of you murmuring that it’s jazz, I’m not here to judge anybody. That’s up to Jesus.
  • They are sexperts
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While as a good girl, you’re saying ‘eww’ to doggy style  and other forms of  adventurous sexual activities, these babes are inventing new ways to pleasure men every day. Some of them probably have sex styles named after them.
  • They give head
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You’re probably wondering why this wasn’t classed under sex, well that’s cos ‘head’ is special, any red blooded male will attest to that. As a good girl, you’re boyfriend probably has to coax you into giving him head, and all the while you’re scrunching up your face acting like you’re taking ‘agbo jedi’…Rubbish! That’s where a runs girl is different.
She’s generous when it comes to giving head, and she probably swallows, or lets the guy come all over her face while she’s smiling like cum is honey. Tell me, what man won’t want to keep her forever?
  • They can be whatever you like
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Here’s the best part, runs girls have the ability to be freak in the sheets and exude a demure outlook at the same time, they conform to the kind of image their man wants.
Seriously, what else could a man possibly want?
It’s time we all ditch the good girl image and borrow winning tips from these chicks. What do you say…

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