OPEN LETTER TO producer's, Blogger's And Dj's -by #DJ_NAIRA _

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Upcoming producers give artist sounds & get
paid "cash". Upcoming artiste promotes the
producer alongside as he promotes his song.

He writes producer name on the song art,
when song drops online the producer's name
is been tagged, when played on radio, in
clubs, & Street the producer's name is been
hyped along side because this days every
producer has a slogan... This producers are
so so lucky! And to the blown producers; an
upcoming artiste works with u, u refuse to
help share the song on various social media
platforms for reasons who knows?? U forget
that the upcoming artiste is helping u to trend
as he is promoting the single, remember "No
Man is at the top forever" someone else ganna
take that spot someday... May God help u.
I don't mean to offend no one!
Please, I'm begging u, put some respect on
these upcoming Artistes, they deserve it!!

They don't even get paid for promoting ur
name Mr. Producer....
And to All this bloggers
that say if it is not so so so amount "I won't
blog ur song" smh bro, if nobody decides to
get their song on ur blog, ur blog will be down
to nowhere! Djs if there is no song for you to
play you will all stay at home jobless! I don't mean
to offend no one. I just pray this changes
some of u! They are so many things to say
about this, but I'll just stop and say
#Pop Entertainment

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