The federal government through the honorable minister of labor & employment (registrar of trade unions) had inaugurated a PMAN caretaker committee on July 12th 2016. The committee is mandated with powers to administer PMAN nationwide.
It is now criminal for any person or  group to use the name PMAN without the consent of the committee. The media is advised to seek clearance from the committee and the RTU (Registrar of Trade Unions) in Abuja  before using any information on the Union or granting airtime to anyone claiming to represent her henceforth.
Contact: Mrs Mbogu 08023018309(Trade Union Registrar) ,
Omas Perry :07069244444.
Sec PMAN Caretaker Committee.

Excerpts from a Chat with Barr. Kevin Luciano National Chairman PMAN Caretaker Committee:
Jay Town Exclusive: congratulations on your new appointment sir.
Kevin Gabriel Luciano: oh thanks.
J.t.E:What are the terms of reference of this committee u are now heading?
K.G.L:The terms of reference for the new caretaker committee is basically to revive the union and conduct a free and fair national delegate conference within three (3) months.

JTE: would Kevin Contest for presidency in the forthcoming PMAN delegate conference?
KGL: Reviving PMAN as the caretaker committee chairman and conducting an NDC is my ultimate assignment at the moment. Contesting for the post of president is not my preoccupation presently.

JTE: What really are the benefits of being a PMAN member?
KGL:Benefits accrual to Nigerian musicians ? With the rebirth of PMAN, every musician has a lot to benefit. We are now going  to re-position PMAN to key into the new digital age and format which would enable each artist to earn their due and rightful royalties through digital coding and tracking of broadcast contents like never before.
We will ensure that artists sign far contracts that are beneficial to both the artist and the record companies or sponsors etc.

JTE: Having been an ex factional PMAN leader yourself,would you say we are seeing the last of factions in PMAN with this move by Hon. minister of labor & employment Sen. Dr Chris Ngige?
KGL:There were myriads of excuses and claims to leadership of the union in the past but with the participation of all factions at the inauguration,coupled with strategic involvement of the labor Minister Sen Dr Chris Ngige,PMAN has been reset to a sparkling new start , the chances of successful new faction is virtually not there.

JTE: What about the state chapters dissolved by former national chairman?
KGL:Legally,no state chapter of PMAN has been dissolved,since the reason for such dissolution of those chapters were predicated on a null and void circumstances. Since one cannot build something on nothing all Pretty Okafor's misadventures have ceased to exist therefore all his actions vacated.
It is constitutional for a caretaker committee to dissolve any state chapter only an elected NEC.
Pretty was never elected.

JTE: Any comments on Pretty's visit to Minister. Of Information  & Culture(MIC)Hon.Lai Mohamed?
KGL: The minister of information & culture accommodated him because he was not Informed of the new arrangement & due to lack of publicity on our end for paucity of funds.I see every set back as a blessing in preparation for what's to come.

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