Terry G Slaps a Male DJ and All Hell Breaks Loose | Burna Boy Insults & Dehumanizes a Female DJ, and All is Good?

I am most fortunate to belong to a vibrant entertainment industry that is saturated with highly talented individuals who are continuously changing the dynamics of entertainment on both the home front and in diaspora. I am sure, you are too.
However, in the midst of all our fame, glamor, and success, there is an underlying question of professionalism, equality, and respect for one another. I articulate this based off the recent fracas which occurred between the amazingly talented artiste – Burnaboy and one of Chocolate city’s finest DJs –
DJ Lambo.
Watch HERE in case you missed it.

Before you dive any further into this article, let me refresh your memory with the incident that took place between
Terry G and a Male DJ – DJ Phriz (who happens to be DJ Jimmy Jatt’s protégé).
Watch HERE .
#JIMMYJATT’s Protegé last Night as his Song was Turned off due to his ‘Misbehaviour’ on Stage, and efforts to get him off stage proved abortive. Reports had it that the Artiste was ‘very high’ and was hurling Curses at the Audience intermittently, after so much efforts in getting their attention, but to no avail. TerryG uttered statements like: “We go ALL go Hell Fire”, “Ogun go fire una”, “Mother F*ckers”,etc, amidst falling on stage several times, as he tried to give an energetic performance which didn’t turn out well. The DJ(Jimmy’s Protegé- @iDjPhriz) who was said to have been acting under instruction from the show organisers, put off Terryg’s Music and Terryg shouted “Dj Play song”, after a while Started playing #Olamide’s “Take It Outside”-Durosoke. And TerryG was so embarrassed, not knowing how to leave the stage. With the Crowd screaming “Go Away”, “Dey Go”, “Wooo”. TerryG then went on angrily to Dj JimmyJatt’s stand and SLAPPED the #DJ who was playing… #CodedNEWSng. #CN: Uncle Terry, try leave ‘this thing’ na…
A video posted by #CodedNewsNG!...
I hope the two videos you’ve just seen helped put things into perspective. Now let’s take a look at this critically. In Terry G’s incident, he slapped DJ Phriz, a “Male DJ”, on stage based on what he felt the DJ did or did not do right by him. This incident sparked huge outrage in the industry. So much so that the DeeJays Association of Nigeria issued a BAN on Terry G’s musical content(s) across the country. To cut the long story short, it wasn’t until after penning down an Open Apology to the association, was his ban lifted and things returned to normal – or did they?
Now let’s take a look at the case between Burna Boy and Female DJ – DJ Lambo. Apart from the fact that and many other music websites in Nigeria documented the incident and shared it with site visitors, I haven’t really observed any remorse from Burna Boy for what he felt DJ Lambo did or did not do right by him. Also, there is minimal outrage in the case of DJ Lambo as compared with that of DJ Phriz. My most glaring observation is the fact that the DeeJays Association of Nigeria has not come forth, formally, to issue any kind of consequence(es) for Burna Boys’ action on stage.
Why is that?
Could the fact that it happened to DJ Lambo – a “Female” DJ – have something to do with it? Does that mean her case shouldn’t be taken quite seriously just like her male counterpart? Or maybe, she just might not be a member of the DeeJays Association of Nigeria (which I seriously hope is not the case).
Whatever the circumstance is, you will agree with me that in both isolated incidents, the music artistes involved threw professionalism out of the window when they decided to conduct themselves in such manner. Our understanding that we all need each other in this industry is what will make us a more successful industry. Each entertainment professional, no matter how insignificant you think they are, play a vital role in making sure that we have a vibrant entertainment structure and culture which in turn creates awareness for our type of music in diapora, grow fan-bases, and increase revenue by stimulating more investments in the entertainment sector.
We should also endeavor to incorporate professional courtesy, equality, and respect in all our entertainment dealings (talent alone is just not enough). If you have disputes, it can certainly be resolved in a more civilized manner, rather than resulting in a physical or verbal altercation.
What are your thoughts on this issue? Share them below and I will make sure to engage with you.

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