#BeInspired Mondays: Why You Cannot Have the “Perfect Life”

This column, as the name goes is meant to inspire and encourage you to strive towards achieving your personal goals everyday. I just want to share pearls picked up in the journey of life. You can read the first two articles here and here

The phrase “The Perfect Life” to me is contradictory; it speaks of two concepts that are parallel to each other – they can never meet. Life itself carries a very loud imperfect tone with it; you cannot speak about perfection in life, it cannot be attained in this space. It is why the economists say “human wants are insatiable”.
There’s just something new to be gotten after we’ve acquired the latest. No one has the perfect life, let’s allow that truth sink. There’s that longing in the heart of every human for something greater and bigger than his/her present reality. It is the essence of vision; if not, why do you write a vision statement or have a vision board (whether physically or mentally) if you are where you want to, or ought to be? – If you have the perfect life?

The perfect life is a mirage, go beyond the horizon you won’t find it, go round the world in 80 days, you won’t experience that reality. Meet all the folks who you think have it, and they’ll join you in its search.

I was listening to a comedian crack a joke of how all humans are created lacking on thing or the other- in height, weight, size, and even common sense (remember it is a joke), etc. Beyond the joke, I realized the truth in the statements, and that is, you may be complaining of what you do not have, whereas someone will give up his/her fortune to have what you have. Nature made it so, the creator made it so. You may think you’re too short, but someone will pay heavily to have the gap teeth in your mouth. Stop worrying about how dark you are, a lady out there is dying to have the kind of hair you have on her head.

Again, who, or which committee decides whose life is perfect and whose is not? Which person’s (kind of) life is worth living, and whose is not? If that person or group exists, then what gives them the authority to write that report? What do they have that qualifies them to deliver those submissions? Imagine if everyone in the world is like you – I’m not saying this because I want you to know the quality of your behavior and character – What I want to say is that the world will be boring!
See, just think about how your average day goes like, and think about the whole (estimated) 7.5billion people in the world having that kind of day. Boring isn’t it? Yeah, that’s how this world will be if everyone likes what everyone likes, does what everyone does, (try to) look how everyone looks, and struggle to keep up with the “celebrities”. Stop pursuing what you can never capture. You’ll end up becoming a homocopier. (A homocopier is my word for human photocopier).

Erase the thought you have of people actually living the perfect and then you try all your best to “Keep Up” with them. That alone, shatters your chances of having the life you crave for.

Here’s my submission, the essence life is not to be perfect, it is to be contented with what you have, and to keep a balance with the people and things around you, while pursuing a SMART goal.
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