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27 Jan 2017

"Omoge" By I.M.E Lyrics


*GeePon, E.S.K (Y'all ready know who it is)
*Dagata Mallam (uhuh)
*Inner Mind (ehuh)
*Okay D.B.Cee

[Verse 1- D.B.Cee:]
*Suna Na DBC Oh Yes Ga News Na A BBC
*See Me See Trouble Eat Rappers Like Kilishi
*Kai, If You See Am Crazy
*No Be Madness Ina Its My Baby
*Chai heh, Ga Ta Da Kyau
*You Know My Baby So Fine
*I Be Steady Loving You Jiya Gobe Da Yau
*Eh, Har End Of Time
*Toh, My Mummy No Fit Separate Us
*No Mind The Haters Mehn They Just Dey Make Noise
*Shey Na Money? Baby Na We Dey Pay Us
*Karki Damu, Kawai Ki Zo Mu Je Jos
*Oh Toh, Kyakya Kya For Bad Guy Am That Guy
*Fly Fly Fly No Lie Lie Am Might Die
*But Before Then I Need You
*All The Haters I No Send Am With You.... Woow

[Chorus- ESK:]
*Omoge Shekya kya Ja Lole Eh Shekya kya Ja Lo
*Omoge Shekya Kya Ja Lole Eh Shekya Kya Ja Lo
*Baby Shekya Kya Ja Lole Eh Shekya Kya Ja Lo
*Omoge Shekya Kya Ja Lole Eh Shekya Kya Ja Lo

[Hook- ESK:]
*I Get One Girl From  Tokyo
*She Dey Gimme Turkey Oh
*I Get One Baby From Tanzania Baby She Too Fine
*I Get One Baby For Ghana Baby She Too Black
*I Get One Baby For Naija...Baby To Buga

[Verse 2- GeePon:]
*Uhh, Listen
*Its About Time That We Make The Day Bright
*Listen To The Niggas They Don't Even Know The Pride
*Even Have A Height
*Talk More Of Price
*Mehn Thats Bullshit No Waste Of Time uoo
*And I Promise My Lady That We'll Be Going In
*And All These Niggas Light It Up Tryna Stop Me
*But Goddamn Since Its Me Mehn Its No Chill
*But Tonight Together We Can Make It Real
*Just Right Left, Stretch All Your Arms
*Girl Why You Angry I Don't Know What You Mean
*Life Is So Sweet But You Have Make Plans
*I Be Rapping, Damn
*Right From The Ground
*I Be Over So High Just To Stay Out Of The Limelight
*Dream Light
*Oh God Mehn Is Summer Time
*We Be Rolling Outta That Time
*We Be Rolling All The .....Blaah

Repeat [Chorus]

[Hook] x2....

Written And Voiced By
D.B.Cee, ESK And GeePon
Produced By TenTen

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