28 Jan 2017





        [Intro- D.B.Cee:]
*Kai, Okay DeeBeeCee

     [Chorus- D.B.Cee:]
*Babba Muna Niman Changee (Changee x7)
*Walahi Babu Changee (Changee x7)
*Babba Muna Niman Changee (Changee x7)
*Walahi Babu Changee (Changee x7)

          [Hook- T-Game:]
*When Me Look Around The Town
*When Me Look Around The Town
*Me I See No Change
*Take A Look Around The Town
*Take A Look Around The Town
*There Is No Change
*Ain't No Money (x3)
*For The Boys
*Ain't No Money (x3)
*For The Boys

         [Verse 1-D.B.Cee :]
(Okay DeeBeeCee)
*Toh, Babba Ba Mu Son Changee
*Ku Bar All The Old Players Duk A Benci
*Da Ga Wahalan Nan Allah Ka Bamu Yanci
*And Provide Me With Abinci Da Zanci
*Ba Abincin Ma Balle Nama
*But We Gonn' Be Alright Like Kendrick Lamar
*Yunwan Yayi Yawa Muna Hamma
*Garin Ya Yi Zafi Kamar An Buga Da Hammer
*Yanzu Kudin Mota Is Times Two
*Komai Ya Kara Kudi Babu Part two
*One Five Daga Abuja To Plateau
*Jin Da Na Rame Kai.Kamar Cartoon
*People Sufferings Wanna Make Me To Shed Tears
*From The Trade Fair To The Daycare
*Muna Shan Wiya But Take Care
*By This Time Next Year, We'll Be Reading Shakspear
*My Brother Wait There
*Even Though Muna Jin Jiki Kuma TunTuni But Won't Give Up Kamar Jinjiri
*WaTa Rana Zamu Ji Dadi
*We No Go See Party
*But Vote For Who Get Sympathy, uhh
*Am Not In Anyway Tryna Condemn Anybody
*But If The Rich Are Crying And The Poor Are Dying You Wan Kill EveryBody???


      [Verse 2-D.B.Cee:]
*Hahh, Ka Sace Kudin Da In A Whole State In A Whole Year Dey No Fit Finish Am (Dan Allah Ku Chanza)
*For Those People Wey Dey Stay For Road Dey Go Dey Collect Our Small Change (Ku Chanza)
*For Those People Wey No Go Give You Admission Don Kai Christian Ne (Dan Allah Ku Chanza)
*For Those People Wey No Go Give You Work Wai Don Kai Christian Ne
*Our Government
*Corruption Ya Jin Ye Su Kamar Gara Da Katako Walahi Ba Improvement
*Su Ka Ce Mu Zabe Su Zamu Samu Recruitment
*Say We Go Get Light
*Two Four Seven Daga Safeh Zuwa Night
*If We Vote Them Our Future Go Be Bright
*Aman Yanzu Su Na Danna Mana Right
*Gashi Kuma Fuel Ya Yi Wiyan Sa Mu
*Ma Su Shan Tea Now Dem Dey Drink Ka Mu
*Good Leaders Ya Allah Ka Ba Mu
*Wicked Leaders Ya Allah Ka Raba Mu
*But If We Really Want Change Muma Mu Chanza
*We Should Stop Doing What We Know Is Danger
*To The Country; Remember We Are Members To The Growth Of This Nation So Try To Render Your Support

           [Chorus (x2):]

         [Verse 3- T-GAME:]
*This Life Ain't Funny
*I Got Alotta Goons In My Hood Hustle For The Money
*They Can't Even Feed Up
*Wake Up In The Morning I'll Be So Fed Up
*Hail Mary My Knees On The Ground
*We Waiting For Change And Its Taking So Long
*Politicians Are Taking Our Money Away
*They Flee Like Women They Can't Even Face Us
*Reality, We Just Living In Vanity
*Later They Tell Us Is Unity
*[GPon]What Do You Mean By Unity?? (x2)
*Big World From A Big Man
*All We Need In This Life
*[GPon] Is A Small From A Small Man
*Let It Be To The Small Man
*Let It Be To The Small Man


Written By D.B.Cee, T-Game, GeePon, Sam, Awan
Voiced By D.B.Cee, T-Game And GeePon
Produced By Bizo

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