J.T.E: BIZAKEEM Can We Know you?

BIZAKEEM: My Full Names are Akeem Yusuf Dusu,am from Plateau State and Berom by Tribe precisely.

J.T.E:You dont look like someone from the plateau Akeem!

BIZAKEEM: LOL{Laughs} yeah i get that from people alot.

J.T.E: How did you started your music career?

BIZAKEEM: I Started back then in secondary school in 2010 [Command secondary school Zaria Road.

J.T.E: Ok.

J.T.E: Can you describe your family interest towards your Career?

BIZAKEEM: Supportive, infact my dad has been there for me from the beginning, He is a music lover too.

J.T.E: Ok

J.T.E: You have been attending different shows round Nigeria,Do you really get nervous before performing on stage?

BIZAKEEM: LOL{Laughs} NO! But sometimes yeah especially when people i look up to are in the building.If i must say happens to everyone as far as you are a star

J.T.E: As a Artiste what do you think makes a good and perfect session?

BIZAKEEM: When the artiste and the producer are on the same page,Good music can be made.


J.T.E: Do you do anything apart from music?

BIZAKEEM: Yeah,am into Fashion and Modelling too!

 J.T.E: OK

J.T.E: What inspired you to write one of your hit song "KATAPOT" and one of the trending song In Town?

BIZAKEEM: I Just Made music mehn,Although the song was unplanned

J.T.E: Do You Play any Musical Instrument?Which instrument {if any}?

BIZAKEEM: YES,i play Drum and a Little of Keyboard.


J.T.E: You have been in a movement/Label Called "SPACE BOYZ",tell us about that briefly.

BIZAKEEM: Space boys is a fully registered company founded by Mr. Muktar Bala. Am being Managed by Them!

J.T.E: So What should your your fans Expect from you anytime soon?

BIZAKEEM: Am working currently on a lot. I got A lot of Banging Singles On ground That am gonna be dropping soon,And also Working on a Music Video Too.

J.T.E: Nice to hear that you fans are Waiting!

J.T.E: A rumour is going round in town that you have signed a recording deal with base line music.Can you clearify us and your fans about the Rumour?

BIZAKEEM: Yup i know about that too.

J.T.E: So is it actually true?

BIZAKEEM: I think am gonna keep my mouth shut on that till its official,but right now am being managed by space Boyz ent.

J.T.E: Thank you for the clearification!

J.T.E: Thanks For having you on this interview.Any Last Word to your fans and what advice do you have to those out there aspiring to be like you?

BIZAKEEM: I Just want to tell everyone out there supporting my music,you dont know how much fuel you put in my hustlee,Expect more fire! fire! from me coming your way soon THANK YOU!

 -And to those ones looking up to me,God will help us all just got a piece of advice for you just get your style,make good music, Know your Boundaries and be Prayerful...#OLUWATIDE!

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