Jtownexclusive on Point Hype: Suranu

Style, skill, charisma, insight; these are the things that the artist Suranu brings to the stage.
Born to Rev. and Mrs. Barje Maigadi in 1990, Suranu, full name Suranu Maigadi, is blessed with a unique love for music.
He received his elementary and primary training in the states and completed his secondary school in Nigeria.

Despite his good looks and glaring chivalry, Suranu still retains a boyish insecurity that melts the heart of the ladies.
But he can argue his points to the core with a logic that comes from his time in the law department of the University of Jos. His music portrays his quick-wit and practicality.

Following the tradition of the family, Suranu imbibes the quality of excellence when it comes to music.
His three siblings, his strictest criticizers, give more than a mental assent to this budding musician’s obvious talent.
The competition needs to watch out for this one!


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