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12 Jan 2017

Meet 12-year-old Nigerian girl who just built an app to help lost children

Tomisin Ogunnubi is a 12-year-old student of Vivian Fowler Memorial College for Girls in Lagos, Nigeria. She has just built a locator to help kids find their way home.  

Tomisin Ogunnubi
The app which is for Android platforms is named 'My Locator' and Tomisin built it with the help of her school with the intention of helping lost kids find their way home.

Tomisin's school has an Information and Communications Technology (ICT)partnership with New Horizons Computer Learning Centre. She was able to get started building the app she always wanted to.

The app has a ‘current location‘ setting which helps the child know where they are and the neighboring streets around them.

If that setting doesn’t work, the app allows the kids to save a location – like their house or school – and will direct them on how to get from wherever they are to that saved location.

In addition the app also has an ‘alert‘ button that is connected to the Lagos State Emergency Service number (767). Immediately the button is pressed, the emergency number is called and a message showing the child’s current location will be sent to them for help.

In total, the app is divided into three sections: Current Location, Remembered Location and Alert Button.

As explained above the current location, automatically shows your current location while the view on the map button shows the current location and the neighboring streets.

According to the Android play store, save my current location saves your current location and remembers it for future reference while 'Remembered place' section of the app displays the saved location and its GPS.

It also has the show direction from current to remembered section, so that if you move to another location, this button goes to google map and show the route from your location to your remembered place.

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