Drama As # IStandWithBuhari Group Fix Their Rally On The Same Day As 2 Baba ’s .

There certainly is drama at the moment as supporting group of President Buhari’s administration, I Stand With Buhari, have fixed their date for their rally as the same date as that of 2Baba’s massive Nigeria First protest.
Though that of 2Baba is according to the organizers, going to be carried out both online and offline, we can’t say for sure how that of the rally group’s will be there as they’re yet to disburse details of the forthcoming event.

The only predicament there ever could be is if the “physical” rally and the protest will be around the same location! Then there, speculatively, could be a result of violence erupting cause some Nigerians have no chill!
We can only but fold our hands to see the outcome of this whole saga, which just might make history… we’ll never know!

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