So this is how Jos Artist And entertainers Rate and Disrespect Bloggers (Read full Gist + Picture's Below)

Its a shameful Thing to see how some jos entertainers talk about blogger's to the extend they call them "Comedians without mic".

Artist, Don't know that bloggers are very vital In the Promotion of there song's, Some artist see bloggers as hungry Fellows, Some see them as people who don't have anything to do in life.

Some of you will say " Will I just blow at the spot when I pay a blogger to promote my song".
You dont even know the wave your song will go, Mind you every site Has Its traffic,For example a Site is having a traffic of about 150,000 and that amount of people visit the site everyday automatically you are a superstar because there must be someone who will pick Interest to download your Track.
Let me clear you now, Without bloggers its only you, your friends and your family that will listen to your song's Believe it or not.
#It's Time to  Give us bloggers some respect too.

Tryna make a Common sense!!

Written by Caesar Joe-Wi

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