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Your Excellency, we salute your efforts at trying to Make Sure Plateau State regain it's lost glory as the Hub of Entertainment and the breeding ground for Entertainers.Testament to that fact is the influx of Artistes,Footballers,Entertainers and celebrities to the State for one Event or the other,Indeed Peace has crept back into the Home of Peace & Tourism.

However,We will like to draw your attention to the Just-concluded Jos Carnival.
Your Excellency,Entertainers on the Plateau were sidelined,disrespected and completely neglected by those in-charge of organising the Carnival.

Upon investigation, we found out that the Carnival organisation and planning  was given to a Reverend Father who inturn entrusted it in the hands of some of his Church members who are novice in the art of entertainment and events planning and are not conversant with the Terrain of Entertainment on the Plateau as they are as much as we are not ethnic or tribal bigots as we are hospitable people on the Plateau,we have to empower our own entertainers to succeed.
The organisation was poor and Shady little wonder they kept even you our dear Governor waiting for a concert that was billed for 3pm but started at about 6:30 and subsequently made our dear Governor not to attend the concert.

About 10 A-list artistes were contracted from Lagos with huge amount of Money,which is laudable as a way of letting the world know Peace has returned to Jos, but it is sad that various talented Jos based artiste were treated unjustly without even a honororium or thank you for coming performance fee which is condemnable as the A-list artiste will take their monies to add to Lagos economy while the Jos artiste are left with nothing or just crumbs to scramble for.

It is pathetic that the umbrella union of all entertainers (The Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria- PMAN) was neglected by the secretariat of the Jos Carnival in Planning for these event, even some members of the committee from the Ministry of culture and Tourism lamented  about the non-chalant attitude of the front-runners of the carnival.

1.An unreserved Apology from the secretariat of Jos Carnival to all Plateau Entertainers.

2.That the Governor mandate the organisers to make PMAN an integral part of the Jos Carnival Committee for the next event.

3.That 50% of artistes to be used for the Jos Carnival should be Jos based artistes and they shoud be paid their  professional fees meritoriously.

4.We demand a breakdown of all expenses on the Just concluded Jos carnival by the organisers.

Your Excellency,we know you are a listening Governor and part of your Rescue mission is to empower the Plateau Youths, we solicit that a quick action is taken on this petitition as Plateau Entertainers can not be Slaves in their own State.We are partners in progress to the development of the Socio-Economic status of the State. We appreciate you as an Entertaining Governor that Plateau has ever had and we know Justice will be done.

Long Live Plateau State
Long Live Nigeria
God Bless the Home of Peace & Tourism



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