JTE Gist: After 28 Private Jets Arrived Babangida's Daughter Wedding See The Kind Of Food That Was Served

Halima, the last daughter of former President, Ibrahim Babangida wedded last weekend at an event attended by the high and mighty in Minna.

The 3-day event drew attention for many reasons.

It was the first time in a wedding of that magnitude that bottled drinks were not served, according to an Abuja based reporter, Bamidele.

Neither Coca cola nor Pepsi or other soft drink products were served during the event. The development left many wondering.
Those concerned were made to understand that the financiers set out to put forward a message, that there are many more local drinks that are beneficial to the body than coca cola or Pepsi products or even the malt products.
Guests were served with chilled zobo, various forms of Kunu, there were also straight juice drinks, like pineapple, ginger, and some mixed together in cocktails.
Local snacks especially from Niger State were the order of the day. The fine packages contained Donkuwa, kulikuli, kokoro and Gurundi all Nupe delicacies.
Maryam Babangida, the matriarch of the family was champion of women empowerment. The whole idea of encouraging local meals and drinks was to bring back what she lived for. Most of the local snacks and drinks were products from women.

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