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31 May 2017

JTE Gist: Fans Slam Davido As He Celebrates Baby Number 3

Some people may just no longer be here forDavido’s playfulness anymore, as it has been made known via comments on a  recent photo of him with another baby.

The singer, who already is father to daughterImade, took to social media a few weeks back to announce the birth of his second daughter,Hailey, an exciting news which came through as pure joy for many and new topic of gossip for a few others, again found it necessary to put his already hilarious stance on fathering kids in the spotlight, when he shared a new photo of himself with another baby he tagged as ‘baby number 3.’

Now this to many, is the singer just being playful, but,some took it deeper than necessary, leaving harsh comments as a way of baring their thoughts on his lifestyle.

Read some of the comments below:

princeofpeace22: I think David shouldn’t be our problem here we should all turn our search light to the politheifcians .please let davido be  he is just a fortunate small boy gallivanting in juvenile delinquency syndrome 

Jostico: Unless producing junkaholic .i pity your latter race. do you think it’s all about money

smardry: We are also counting bruh… No. 4 show face

Jeus: Davido 3 Wizkid 2…..Starboy oya level scores

edlion57: Children of nowadays…..I pity the next generation..see wetin somebody der celebrate…very soon der will start der celebrate rape..rape number 5

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