EVENT: The LatterHouse Christian Centre presents Youths Connect Season 8.

 The Latterhouse Christian Centre is a community saddled with the responsibility to declare, communicate and demonstrate the purpose, power, precepts, and principles of the God nature here on Earth. We carry out this mandate through training, equipping and empowering individuals to discover, develop, deploy and maximize their inherent Kingly gifts and Priestly callings. Our task is incomplete until we have establish Kingship and Priesthood in every nation! 
Pastor Jemimah Mbaya is the visionary of this great move. She is an internationally renowned teacher and preacher of the balanced and unbiased word of God with an unquenchable and insatiable passion for men and women to come into their Kingly and Priestly authority in God. She is an Author, Business Consultant, Conference Speaker and a Prolific Music minister with several albums.
Pastor Jemimah Mbaya, because of her passion to see God exalted in the music industry started the Elyon Mass Choir in 1999 where musically talented youths all over the city of Maiduguri and beyond came to be a part of. The strength of this work translated into a fellowship in 2000 which went by the name Elyon Youth Fellowship.
This fellowship held major youth conferences in Jalingo, Bauchi, Jos and Maiduguri where thousands of youths came to a place of surrender to Jesus. 

The Youth Connect is an offspring of this passion to see young talents expressed for the course of the Kingdom of heaven.  The vision is to create a platform where we have a diversity of talents come to express their talents under one vault of worship to the giver of all gifts. Youth Connect is beyond just expression, it is a breakthrough to the much needed advancement of gospel music and talents in Nigeria.

Ladies and gentle Men, I present to you;
YOU will shout in EXCITEMENT... That's for sure...
YOU will MARVEL...
YOU will be STUNNED....

YOU will fall in LOVE with Music and Art all over Again!


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