Abaje - Personally Sai DODO

Amidst the incessant hardship -- the lies and betrayal of trust -- we are left to witness our dear State in an unsurprisingly, rather bartered state of incompetency. 
Unfortunately only a selected few have been wallowing in luxurious foreign trips -- at the expense of the generality of the masses -- whose vote counted -- but is yet to be accounted for.

But we can't continue to blame ourselves -- for our wrong decisions in the past -- for it is time to forge ahead -- and start working towards the future -- and make it better.
So here we bring you our master plan -- we would like to engage you in our rescue mission -- presenting you a leader with vision -- whom dominance, mannerisms, elegance, integrity, and magnanimity came to light after being betrayed by those he trusted the most -- his closest allies.
But he forgave them -- which so far made him stand out -- and for the fact that he has stood alone with his strong will, faith and belief in God -- of course he knows he is not alone -- God will always be with the just.
And here I am referring to no other but Rt. Hon. Dr. Bello Muhammad (Matawallen Maradun) -- he is a man of zero prejudice and has the interest of Zamfarians at heart.
He is the man with the zeal, experience, expertise, passion, compassion, and determination to rescue Zamfara State from crash-landing. 
From the mean hands of those who want to turn Democracy to godfatherism and religious slavery -- by continuously confusing and exploiting the masses under the pretext of religion.

The time is now to work for a better Zamfara -- and a better tomorrow.
And BELMAT is the Face of Hope For A New Zamfara.
We endorse him -- and urge you to do the same, all the proudly Zamfarawa.

Sai Bello Dodo Mai Zamfara
In Shaa Allah

We are with BELMAT2019 ✌🙋 In Shaa Allah
And time is the true teller of every story.

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