JTE Gist: Nicki Minaj Shades Meekmill, He then fires Back!

Believe… The drama on Social Media can make you day!

Nicki Minaj via an Instagram post, shared what appears to be a shade to her ex-boyfriend, Meek Mill.. Apparently, the former mocked men whose women buy things for them, so they can save face publicly.

But then, her ex-boyfriend, Meek Mill assumed Minaj was referring to him, so he reponded to her shade, By shading her the hell back.

Nicki Minaj had the first straw, she wrote;


Oh so u niggaz gon sit up here & act like #Wifey aint BEEN tell y’all 1. Don’t lose the baddest girl in the world. #EricBenet 2. Stop throwing money ya ass ain’t rlly got. 3. Stop posting them tired stacks on the gram  oh but when Jay say it it’s #bible tho. Bad btchs unite!!!! We ain’t BEEN droppin jewels on these niggaz behind closed doors?  tuh!  every girl is making one of these 3 faces at a nigga right now.  womp womp #PrettyGang #FAX

Then he responded without mentioning her name either. He wrote:

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