JTE Gist:AKA Slams SA Hip Hop & Artists, As He Covers The Plug Magazine

SupaMega, AKA is the latest heavyweight to grace the cover of music, fashion and lifestyle magazine, The Plug. The superstar rapper whose real name is Kiernan Jarryd Forbes had a sit-down chat to discuss a variety of issues including his artistry, redefining SA endorsement deals as well as his transition into the business world.
Trust AKA to let it out the way he sees it without a care in the world about whose ox is gored. In fact, he gave a damning assessment of SA Hip Hop and its artists.
“Fuck SA Hip hop man. Too many rules, too many limitations. Let’s take ourselves out of this box that we think we need to exist inside that’s labeled “SA Hip Hop”, LONG LIVE SA HIP POP!!!” AKA stated.
Other SA artists wouldn’t be spared of AKA‘s wrath and caustic tongue. He accused them of lacking originality and bound by a materialistic culture. In his words: “I just feel that SA hip hop/celeb culture is just more materialistic than it’s ever been. I listen to these guys and ask myself, “Where is the soul?” Where is the pride in sounding original?
Where is the bravery to discover sounds and styles that we have never heard before? One Time, Caiphus Song, World Is Yours, Congratulate, Bryanston Drive etc., NOTHING in the game right now sounds anything like my music, NOTHING” he reiterated.
Still, the “The World Is Yours“ rapper wasn’t done. He accused other rappers of having no soul and are simply consumed by social media. “Niggas are so consumed with social media, with Instagram – all these guys are doing is building and perpetuating stereotypes.
Their writing is sloppy, their sound is generic, and they have no soul. What happened to their soul’s man?!? It bores me to death. It’s embarrassing. AKA declared.”
Now, AKA plans to be the revolutionary in the industry to fight this mindset he doesn’t approve of. Plus, trust him to reassert his clout and position in the game too.
“Our people deserve better. As long as I’m alive, I’ll fight this mindset and keep reinventing and pushing the culture forward. THAT IS WHY I AM SO SUCCESSFUL. THAT IS WHY I AM STILL HERE. THAT IS WHY I AM THE SUPA MEGA.” AKA asserted.

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