JTE Gist: Brymo Announces Sixth Studio Album Oso (The Wizard)

Former Chocolate City artiste Brymo is prepping up nicely for the release of his sixth studio album.

The singer who dropped the critically acclaimed fifth studio album ‘Klitoris’ in 2016 will be putting out a new body of work soon. Brymo already has a title for the upcoming album which he call ‘Oso’ in Yoruba which translates ‘The Wizard’.

According to the singer the album is in the mixing and mastering phase. Also a website has been launched already which will gives vital updates on the upcoming LP.

As a bonus, Brymo announced he will also be publishing his first book. It is likely that both album and debut book will all come in the new year as he wrote, ‘I can’t wait for the new year.’


My new album is titled OṢÓ (the wizard), and is currently moving to the mixing and mastering phase. is the site dedicated to this project, my team will bring you updates there. I am also publishing my first book… I can’t wait for the new year.

— Olofo'ro (@BrymOlawale) November 22, 2017


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