Sponsored Post: Social General NAPSS National Body Aspirant talks about Life and it Lessons

Life Important Lessons.
Lessons from it.

1. Your reaction to negative feedbacks  or situations shows how mature you are.

2. You have the power of choice whenever anybody does or says anything offensive to you.

3. If someone calls you anything negative and you lose yourself and begin to fight or shout or do anything terrible, you only prove them right.

4. It is better to keep quiet and people think you're a fool than for you to open your mouth and they confirm you're truly a fool.

5. You cannot because the baby pooed in his bath throw the baby away with the bath water.

6. You have the power to win people through your maturity and composure and not through overly being more sanctimonious than the person.

7. Life is all about people. If I had responded to her negatively, I would have lost a friend forever.

8. There are people who are sent to you by God to help your journey in life to be worthwhile, your meeting point might be at a fighting point. Be wise, even when you're angry.

9. You should be humble enough to call and apologised.

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