I am DexDee (sonofashoemaker) as the name has since been. No disputed fact, A talented big time Jos Afro-pop Artist.

I duely appreciate the organizers,promoters, event planners amongst others of the jos entertainment industry, it is to their ability that events such as Jos chillings, Jos rocks, Jos carnivals and others have been organized on this plateau But the big question is....
How well have this events projected the Jos artists to the world? I feel more harm is done than good because,An average Jos artist who strives to pay studio sessions, put out a good song, Pay his graphic designer, the blogger and even radio stations is in no bit encouraged as to his effort. Instead events are scheduled where he performs and no arrangements are in made? The lackadaisical attitude of promoters and organizers in Jos is detrimental to the growth of the sector and  worth being alarmed for.

Despite this, guts are been risen to say, artist are been favored.
But baba' na vis'a vis thing o

The truth here is that music is business, if I pay people to fix my music, I should also be paid for my performance. So Jos organizers and show promoters, its time to do business.

I urge us all in the same hustle to step up our game, no time for dulling.
We need the pay to keep the standards.
Better days are near.

Long live J.E.I
Long live the son of a shoemaker

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