Political Buzz: “Engr. Felix Danladi Atu Drums support for APC National youth Leader Dayo Isreal as the Next Minister of Youth”

“Son of immediate past secretary to Plateau state government and former deputy director Plateau state APC National youth presidential campaign council Engr. Felix Danladi Atu rallies support for Hon. Dayo Isreal; the APC National Youth leader to be appointed as the minister of youth by President Bola Tinubu.

This morning, AIT was Analyzing Seyi Tinubu’s role on Hon Dayo Israel’s emergence as the minister of youths, which is gaining a lot of momentum from progressives and Nigerian youths.

Hon. Dayo is more in proxy with the yearnings and vision of the Nigerian youths as he has engaged with them in town hall meetings arccross all the Nigerian states where I and other Plateau progressive youths attended and  contributed our input at the Plateau state version held in Jos. 

As the National youth leader, he has empowered a lot of youths Nationwide, he is readily accessible and is in sync with the demands and ideaolgy of the youths; hence we solicit Mr President to heed to our plea as Hon. Dayo Isreal is the best man or rather the best “youth” for the job.

Engr. Felix Danladi Atu 
Former deputy brigade commander Plateau state, APC National Youth presidential campaign campaign council. 

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Twitter: @mistaflex

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