EVENT: Face of Plateau Empowerment Initiative (FOPEI) Proudly announce it's first Entrepreneurship and Skill Acquisition Training for 2017.

Participate will be trained to foster better-informed skill acquisition and produce more creative and well thought-out service that will result in better offering to the consumer.

Our training are design to provide a platform to train and  educate individual on skill that can help create wealth.

° How to process and package, Tomatoes, Ginger, Garlic, Pepper Parsly, Celery and other Spices, for commercial and home use.

° How to Combine Natural Plant for Healthy living E.g Tumeric, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Mint, Leek etc.

° How to make Pastries e.g Cake, Somosa, Spring Roll, Egg Roll, Fish Roll, Meat Pie etc.

° How to make Soya Milk and Smoothies.

° How to make Hair Product like Shompoo, Conditioner, Hair Cream and Pedicure Scrub, Liquid Detergent Disinfectant, Bleach, Air Fresher, Petroleum Jelly, Perfume.

° Bridal Hair, Make up, Gele Tying and Bead Making.

° Photography, Videography and Visual Editing.

° Solar, Intercom and CCTV Camera installation.

° Event Decoration

° How to start rabbit business.

° Home Painting

*Special seminar on:*
°The knowledge of Wealth Creation,
°How to take over the Market Place,
°Accessing Finance for your Business Start up,
°Financial Literacy.
°Discovery New Opportunities in Recession,
°7 way to prosper in hard times (Recession)


*Classes Commence From:*
14th August to 26th August 2017

*For More Information, Sponsorship & Partnership Contact Us:*

*Register now while offer last.*
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