JTE Gist: Let's examine this new DOPE jam by OBO "Pere" ft Rae sremmurd and Young Thug "Produced by DJ mustard"

First of all remember ,making a Record in America is far different from recording a Crack Demo Cubase Freestyle in Nigeria
Let's break it down like this ..
Rae Sremmurd & young thug re definitely hot worldwide right now ... so fees for thier verses and video appearance would "might" look like ...
Rae Sremmurd $150'000 (Verse)
..... ..... $50'000 (video appearance)
(If writers wrote for him ,it's another long story)
Young Thug from btw $75k to $100'000 (Verse)
....... ........ $25'000 (video appearance)
(If writers wrote for him ,it's another long story)
DJ mustard .$50'000 (upfront for Beat)
(No be learner so he is definitely collecting royalties from the song ...
Let's just put my fake estimate down together n it's $375'000 ( one hundred seventeen million nine hundred fifty-five thousand six hundred eighty-six naira N117955686 ) ...... and don't forget the way it works is since those Arts featured on the song 're bigger and ve more fans world wide ,they will always get more cash from all future profit ...
I don't know how they made it happen sha , but all I know is American rapper no go just dash you verse even if you be him friend ..
Unlike Nigeria where you can just buy weed for your guy or sign 1 or 2 agreement wey you no go even fulfil last-last ...and him go record full album for you.

Credit to @Killertunes

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flemzy's big fan said...

Fuck is u underrating ur country for?
Yes they are above in facilities but u are very stupid for saying american guy no go just give u verse without feature but u'll just buy weedbfor Nigerian and he does it..Do u realise how foolish u are? Do u know that relationship is way more than money?
Until we Nigerians realise we could be better if we speak good of ourselves we're going no where