UPDATE : Do You Really Need Naked Girls In Your Music Video?

So picture this; you step into your living room, sit in front of your television and tune into Trace, MTV Base, Soundcity, etc., or you go on YouTube to VEVO or FreeMe TV to get a dose of the music videos making the world spin. Now there’s no harm in that since watching videos to the songs you’ve been jamming nonstop is actually good for the body. (lol! Yea I had to say that!).
Now, you’re chilling, watching and after five videos, it’s almost like you’ve been watching a freaking cycle; cars, money, big houses, exotic locations.. and of course ass, semi-naked, and sometimes naked girls.
Not only is it derogatory to women especially when the men in the videos are barely revealing their arms, talkless of their body, it’s also too much and unnecessary when you think about it.
A lot of artists excuse the behaviour with “that’s what appeals to the audience” or “videos with naked girls in them will surely rack views on YouTube, etc”. I, however, cannot disagree more.
There are lots of videos on YouTube that have over 10X more views than the ones with naked girls in them. Now I won’t call out the artistes with naked girls or the female artists who are almost always naked/semi-nude in their videos (because you know them), but I’ll, however, give examples of videos with none of the above and their current views on YouTube.
PSY – Gangnam style (3.3 billion views)
The Weeknd – Starboy (1.5 billion views)
Backstreet Boys (Their lowest views on YouTube is 14 million views)
French Montana – Unforgettable (935 million views)
Janelle Monae – Tightrope (25 million views)
Darey – Pray for Me (3.4 million views)
Phyno – Link Up (1.2 million views)
The likes of Celine Dion, Westlife, J. Cole, Banky W, Waje, etc., are known for hardly using naked girls in their videos, yet, they are still as successful. There are many parody videos that have more views than many of the music videos with naked girls in them, like @Downgoes.Fraser’s “why you always lying”has 22 million views for example.
Before you argue that there are many more successful videos with booty in them, you should know that the way many people see women nowadays can sometimes stem from the way artists portray women in their music videos. Imagine an artist that uses naked women constantly in his video coming out to support Women’s Marches and Movements. Will there be any credibility there?
Creativity, innovation and a powerful message or funny story are really all you need to make your video sell. See the story behind French Montana’s “Unforgettable” for instance. That and many other videos like it are worth watching, videos that both children and adults can enjoy.
It’s not about having naked ladies… it never was!!

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